my sister is turning 12 tomorrow and I’m here like 🙏 please stay away from 4chan, and 🙏 please have a scene phase

so fucking sick of being put into positions I can’t get out of by men who know I’m uncomfortable, but don’t give a fuck. I’m sick of men continuing to flirt with me, making disgusting remarks towards me, etc. after I’ve expressed that they need to stop.

ew I got the creepiest customer. he started out ok and seemed genuinely interested in our products (I work at a chocolate store that also sells gummy candies, nut assortments, etc.) until he asked to see what kinds of nuts we have. when I showed him he asked me five times if I liked nuts, and then he was like “how much do you like nuts? do you LOVE nuts?” obviously he was being gross. and everytime I tried to get away from the conversation because he was making me so uncomfortable he’d be like “wait I have more questions for you.” he was honestly a piece of shit. he tried to be “subtle” about his disgusting remarks and knew I couldn’t walk away if he had more questions, because that’s my job! I have to answer what he wants to know. fuck that guy tbh

I got a letter in the mail telling me I’ll be receiving a $1700 scholarship!!! 😊